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Learn the techniques of the fiery brazilian dances while having fun, making friends and increasing your fitness and overall health

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Welcome to the first official Brazilian Zouk dance school in Denver, Colorado!

  • learn the most sensual partner dance in the world
  • make friends with like minded people
  • get in the best shape of your life without even realizing you're working out
  • rekindle the spark in your relationship
  • have fun and feel the passion of brazilian zouk

Dance Immersion is the central hub for Brazilian Zouk dance classes, parties and events in Denver and Boulder, CO.

“The first class I took with Bruno and Fae was a body isolation class at the LA Zouk congress. They focused on how every partner has a different sensitivity. It teaches you how to understand/connect with your partner and not dance every dance the same. It was a game changing workshop and I looked them up to continue with weekly classes! They go above and beyond to make sure the information is being absorbed and that the moves are being executed with confidence and musicality. Love these 2!!"

Cory Lewin

“Excellent couple, always smiling and very positive energy! Bruno and Fae Olga! Big hugs.”


“Both Fae Olga and Bruno are awesome - as instructors and ambassadors of dance. They will go out of their way to make you feel welcome!” 

Khary D. Hornsby

“I've been taking weekly Brazilian Zouk classes with Bruno and Fae Olga for about 3 months now and it's been a wonderful experience. They are really amazing dancers and teachers. What's unique about their teaching style is that they adapt to the students' needs and always make their class a fun and safe place to learn and grow, whatever level of a dancer you are. They are very generous with sharing their knowledge and passion. I highly recommend learning from them!”

Shuyan Liang

“Very fun and helpful instructors. I've improved a lot with them in 2 months and you get to learn not only zouk but also the concept of dance in general, so definitely recommending!”

Byungki Lee

“They are great dancers, but most importantly are great instructors. Their attention to detail and their ability to explain/break down movements is superb, and I can tell that they care for all their students.” 

Airee Kim